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Gastroenterology and Hepatology Board Review (Third Edition)
Loại tài liệu: Book
Mã tài liệu: 88111
Mã ngôn ngữ: en
Tác giả: DiBaise, John K
Thông tin xuất bản: McGraw-Hill
Tình trạng vật lý: 554 p.
Từ khóa: Gastroenterology; Examinations; Digestive organs; Diseases; Examination Questions;
Danh mục: Bệnh
Năm xuất bản: 2012
Số sách còn lại: Không giới hạn
Thời gian mượn: Bạn chưa đăng nhập.
Tóm tắt theo nội dung: Why waste time guessing at what you need to know for the gastroenterology and hepatology board exam? Maximize your exam preparation time with this quick-hit question and answer review. The unique question and single-answer format eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the correct answers you'll need to know on exam day. Emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. Great for certification and re-certification, this high-yield review for the boards is the perfect compliment to larger texts for intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam...
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