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Bad girls and transgressive women in popular television, fiction, and film
Loại tài liệu: Book
Mã tài liệu: 88056
Mã ngôn ngữ: en
Thông tin xuất bản: Palgrave Macmillan
Tình trạng vật lý: 289 p.
Từ khóa: Women -- History ; Women in popular culture ; Women in motion pictures ; Feminism ; Women on television
Danh mục: Xã hội học
Năm xuất bản: 2017
Số sách còn lại: Không giới hạn
Thời gian mượn: Bạn chưa đăng nhập.
Tóm tắt theo nội dung: This collection of essays focuses on the representations of a variety of "bad girls"-women who challenge, refuse, or transgress the patriarchal limits intended to circumscribe them-in television, popular fiction, and mainstream film from the mid-twentieth century to the present. Perhaps not surprisingly, the initial introduction of women into Western cultural narrative coincides with the introduction of transgressive women. From the beginning, for good or ill, women have been depicted as insubordinate. Today's popular manifestations include such widely known figures as Lisbeth Salander (the "girl with the dragon tattoo"), The Walking Dead's Michonne, and the queen bees of teen television series. While the existence and prominence of transgressive women has continued uninterrupted, however, attitudes towards them have varied considerably. It is those attitudes that are explored in this collection. At the same time, these essays place feminist/postfeminist analysis in a larger context, entering into ongoing debates about power, equality, sexuality, and gender.
Tóm tắt theo mục lục: Machine generated contents note: |g1.|tIntroduction: Bad Girls in Popular Culture /|rMallory Young -- |gpt. I |tCrime and Punishment -- |g2.|t"How Do You Like My Darkness Now?": Women, Violence, and the Good "Bad Girl" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer /|rKaley Kramer -- |g3.|tHollywood's Warrior Woman for the New Millennium /|rKate Waites -- |g4.|tReading Kathleen Mallory: Trauma and Survival in the Detective Fiction of Carol O'Connell /|rKathleen Kennedy -- |gpt. II |tDomestic Arts -- |g5.|tVera Caspary's Bedelia: Murder as a Domestic Art, or Lethal Home Economics /|rKirsten T. Saxton -- |g6.|tDirty Secret: Domestic Disarray in Chick Lit /|rJoanne Knowles -- |gpt. III |tAcademic Performance -- |g7.|tGood Teachers, Bad Teachers, and Transgressive Comedic Performance in Popular American Cinema /|rJoel Gwynne -- |g8.|tMean Girls End Up Dead: The Dismal Fate of Teen Queen Bees in Popular Culture /|rSara K. Day -- |gpt. IV |tRevisionist Perspectives -- |g9.|tBad Girl, Bad Mother, Bad Queen: Catherine de' Medici in Contemporary Fiction, Film, and History /|rWilliam B. Robison -- |g10.|t"Let Them Know That Men Did This": Medusa, Rape, and Female Rivalry in Contemporary Film and Women's Writing /|rElizabeth Johnston -- |gpt. V |tAlternate Realities -- |g11.|tAt the Crossroads: Carnival, Hybridity, and Legendary Womanhood in Nalo Hopkinson's Midnight Robber /|rN.A. Pierce -- |g12.|t"Just Another Monster": Michonne and the Trope of the Angry Black Woman /|rSamaa Abdurraqib -- |g13.|tBad Girls in Outer Space: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples' Saga and the Graphic Representation of Subversive Femininity /|rDragos Manea.
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