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Low-fat love stories
Loại tài liệu: Book
Mã tài liệu: 87396
Mã ngôn ngữ: en
Tác giả: Leavy, Patricia
Thông tin xuất bản: Sense Publishers
Tình trạng vật lý: 156 p.
Từ khóa: Self-perception in women; Self--esteem in women; Women -- Attitudes
Danh mục: Văn học
Năm xuất bản: 2017
Số sách còn lại: Không giới hạn
Thời gian mượn: Bạn chưa đăng nhập.
Tóm tắt theo nội dung: "'Low-Fat Love Stories' is a collection of short stories and visual portraits based on interview research with women about a dissatisfying relationship with a romantic partner or relative, or their body image. The stories focus on settling in relationships, the gap between fantasies and realities, relationship patters, divorce, abuse, childhood pain, sprituality, feeling like a fraud, growing older, and daily struggles looking in the mirror. Once upon a time and happily ever after take on new meaning as the women's stories reveal the underside of fairytales and toxic popular culture. Written in the first-person with language taken directly from each woman's interviews, the stories are raw, visceral, and inspirational. As a collection, the stories and art set you on an emotional rollercoaster and illustrate the different forms "low-fat love" may take, and the quest for self-worth in the context of popular culture that tells women they are never enough. The authors developed an original method of "textual visual snapshots" for this book."--Back cover.
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