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Migration and the search for home : mapping domestic space in migrants' everyday lives
Loại tài liệu: Book
Mã tài liệu: 85959
Mã ngôn ngữ: en
Tác giả: Boccagni, Paolo
Thông tin xuất bản: Palgrave Macmillan
Tình trạng vật lý: 155 P.
Từ khóa: Immigrants; Social conditions; Refugees; Home
Danh mục: Xã hội học
Năm xuất bản: 2017
Số sách còn lại: Không giới hạn
Thời gian mượn: Bạn chưa đăng nhập.
Tóm tắt theo nội dung: This book explores the impact of transnational migration on the views, feelings, and practices of home among migrants. Home is usually perceived as what placidly lies in the background of everyday life, yet migrants’ experience tells a different story: wh
Tóm tắt theo mục lục: A new lens on the migration-home nexus -- Researching migrants' home -- Migration and home over space -- Migration and home over time -- Migrants' home as a political issue. Migration and the Search for Home; Series Editors' Foreword; Acknowledgements; Praise for Migration and the Search for Home; About the Author; Contents; List of Figures; List of Tables; Introduction; 1 A New Lens on the Migration-home Nexus; Home as a Question for Social Theory and Research; Conceptual and Definitional Issues: What is Specific of Home?; Through Materiality, and Beyond: Home as a Special Relationship with Place; On the Irremediably Prescriptive Bases of Home; Home as a Lens and a Research Subject for Migration Studies. On the Shifting Place(s) of Home in Migrant Life TrajectoriesA Case for the Migration-Home Nexus; Homing: A New Research Agenda on Migrants' Search for Home; Notes; 2 Researching Migrants' Home; Researching into Home: What, Why and How; Researching Migrants' Home(s): the Role of Personal and Biographical Accounts; Researching Migrants' Home(s): Direct Observation and Ways Ahead; Notes; 3 Migration and Home over Space; Is Home Portable? Displacement and Place-Making in the Migrant Experience; Still Immobile: Migrant Houses as Markers of Achievement, or Lack Thereof...
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