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Research Ethics for Students in the Social Sciences
Loại tài liệu: Book
Mã tài liệu: TL000049697
Mã ngôn ngữ: en
Tác giả: Bos, Jaap
Thông tin xuất bản: Springer Nature Switzerland AG.
Tình trạng vật lý: 294 p.
Từ khóa: Research—Moral and ethical aspects, Social sciences, Psychology—Methodology, Psychological measurement
Danh mục: Sách, Nhân văn, Triết học, ScienceDirect - Springer - Bookboon...
Môn học: (08-TDHKHXHNV-TLTK) Tài liệu tham khảo, (E-journals) ScienceDirect - Springer - Bookboon...
Năm xuất bản: 2020
Số sách còn lại: Không giới hạn
Thời gian mượn: Bạn chưa đăng nhập.
Tóm tắt theo nội dung: This open access textbook offers a practical guide into research ethics for undergraduate students in the social sciences. A step-by-step approach of the most viable issues, in-depth discussions of case histories and a variety of didactical tools will aid the student to grasp the issues at hand and help him or her develop strategies to deal with them. This book addresses problems and questions that any bachelor student in the social sciences should be aware of, including plagiarism, data fabrication and other types of fraud, data augmentation, various forms of research bias, but also peer pressure, issues with confidentiality and questions regarding conflicts of interest. Cheating, ‘free riding’, and broader issues that relate to the place of the social sciences in society are also included. The book concludes with a step-by-step approach designed to coach a student through a research application process.
Tóm tắt theo mục lục: Introduction -- Part I: Perspectives -- Chapter 1. Science -- Chapter 2. Ethics -- Part II: Ethics and Misconduct -- Chapter 3. Plagiarism -- Chapter 4. Fabrication -- Chapter 5. Falsifying -- Part III: Ethics and Trust -- Chapter 6. Confidentiality -- Chapter 7. Science and Society -- Chapter 8. Science and Politics -- Part IV: Forms, Codes and of types Regulations -- Chapter 9. Research Ethics Step by Step -- Appendix -- Indexes.
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